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Auto-Scalling – intelligent database security solution

Real-time monitoring, alarm reporting, and compliance reports on various databases

Database Security Service (DBSS) stands as an intelligent database security solution that leverages machine learning and big data analytics to audit databases, detect SQL injection attacks, and identify high-risk operations. It supports various databases and offers real-time monitoring, alarm reporting, and compliance reports.


Comprehensive Audit

  • Implements real-time alarms for risky operations in an out-of-path pattern.
  • Generates compliance reports meeting stringent data security standards.

Simple Setup

  • Deploys in an out-of-path pattern for straightforward setup and operation.
  • Supports the audit of databases built on various platforms, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

Efficient Analysis

  • Responds promptly to data queries from massive volumes with efficient analysis.
  • Clearly defines permissions among administrators, meeting stringent audit security requirements.