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How can old
IT equipment be reused?

The amount of obsolete IT equipment is constantly growing, how can we reuse it in the best possible way?
In today’s society, we are increasingly changing IT providers. For example, a server becomes obsolete over a period of 36 months and is then replaced by a new one. One can therefore easily picture an ever-growing pile of old equipment, which is getting bigger every day.

Corporate social responsibility and the environment are important at Orange Business, so we have thought a lot about how we can reuse old IT equipment and have come up with what we think is a good idea. We do not want to risk getting rid of equipment with data still stored on it, so all stored data is of course deleted. We then send the equipment to a recycling company and give the money to charity.

We do more than just recycle old equipment. When we buy new hardware, or upgrade, we do so based on our green IT strategy. For us, it is important to think about our environmental impact as much as possible. Large operating platforms require large amounts of server capacity and easily become large consumers of energy. Through our environmental engagement, which includes all of the IT equipment in the data centers and our solutions, we try to help make the IT industry a little greener.

Since day one, we have developed our solutions to consume as little energy as possible. We have succeeded in this through various technical solutions in our basic architecture and through individual customer solutions. Through automation and using shared components, we reduce the number of machines required and thus also reduce the total energy consumption.