AWS-Managed service provider

As an AWS MSP-partner, we help businesses get started more easily and can be a prerequisite for taking full advantage of the opportunities. We give you a flexible operating model and allow you to focus on your daily business instead of operations.

With our AWS MSP certification, we can help you find the right solutions for your organization, and solve complex business needs you may experience in your cloud adoption journey. Orange Business is part of a small, global circle. It consolidates its position as the next-generation service provider and mode 2 operating deliveries that support DevOps with customers.

Flexible operational model in AWS – Amazon Web Services

We can help you get started, migrate existing solutions to the cloud, or optimize your existing AWS environments. We secure your solutions in the best possible way, and ensure that you can take advantage of AWS services and new technology as they become available from AWS. Basefarm also has a very flexible operational model that can be adapted to the individual business.

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Våre sertifiseringer


Advanced Consulting Partner


Managed Services Program (Orange Business)
AWS Direct Connect Service (Delivery)
AWS Public Sector partner (Government)
AWS Public Sector Partner (Education)
AWS Solution Provider
AWS Marketplace Solution (Provider)


Big Data, Database, Business App (Oracle, SAP, Microsoft…), HA, HPC, Security & compliance, Storage, DevOps…



certification AWS advanced consulting partner - immersion day program
certification AWS advanced consulting partner - solution provider program
certification AWS advanced consulting partner - public sector partner
certification AWS advanced consulting partner - direct connect partner
AWS certified Advanced Tier Services

Om den nye AWS-sertifiseringen

I desember 2021 ble Orange Business sertifisert som «Advanced Consulting Partner» for «Migration Competency». Den nye sertifiseringen ble lagt til på en allerede rikholdig liste over støttekvalifikasjoner for den offentlige AWS-skyen. Sertifiseringen garanterer kundene tilgang til det ypperste av ressurser, kompetanse og ekspertise når de migrerer til Amazon Web Services.

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