Data Thinking

Digital transformation

Many companies find it difficult to keep pace with the digital transformation of our world. In response to this challenge, we developed the ‘data thinking’ approach to consultancy.

New data-driven business models and digital processes demand a different mindset and a different approach. We call this approach data thinking. Businesses don’t always find it easy to identify opportunities arising from their digital processes and the treasure trove of data they hold. Our experts provide consultancy services and workshops to help businesses generate ideas and to get specialist departments sharing expertise and exploring ideas with software developers. Together, we analyze the feasibility of these ideas before developing a minimum viable product to bring the concept to life.

Using methods such as design thinking, we incorporate business needs and visions sourced from practical experience. We create lighthouse projects that illuminate the way for data enterprise and bring employees on board with the plans. We work in a structured way to move closer to the goal: Taking our Gartner-award-winning data science process model – which we have developed into a holistic process model for digitalization – as a starting point, we divide our successful data and transformation projects into clearly defined phases.

The advantages of our Managed Services offering


A dedicated team and a complete visibility of your solution and engagement with our customer portal.


Our experts, located in Europe, are operating under the strictest data protection rules and comply with EU and National regulations.


Our proven multi-cloud expertise and support you on any platform: private, public or hybrid.

The Next Big (Data) Thing

In our digital world, we have all come to expect that our needs will be fulfilled almost instantaneously. To make this happen, enormous volumes of data are constantly flowing back and forth in real-time in the background to our requests and demands. Businesses need to have a full and complete picture of their target market at all times – and keeping up with the pace is the only way to achieve this. The business world is evolving and constantly striving to analyze its customers and competitors more effectively.

From online sales campaigns to marketing tracking, businesses now have a huge range of monitoring, analysis, and evaluation tools at their fingertips. The digital transformation allows companies to respond faster, more flexibly, and more efficiently. The next big (data) thing marks the dawn of a new era in which we will be able to take all influencing factors into account and record everything going on around us.