Data Science

Artificial Intelligence

There are few companies that have access to a large enough team of data science experts to enable them to fully exploit the potential opportunities and applications of artificial intelligence. But there’s a way around this challenge: partner up. In addition to their in-depth knowledge of AI and machine learning, our experts have the industry know-how to identify potential and guide projects through to successful completion.

Neural networks and deep learning applications not only demand the availability of enormous data sets – it is also important to ensure that the results generated by the black box of AI algorithms are accurate. This process is subject to a whole different set of rules than those that apply in more ‘traditional’ software development settings

Predictive Maintenance

Big data analytics helps businesses to optimize processes. Predictive maintenance has gained a firm foothold in industry as one of the very first use cases: Bringing sensor and process data together enables companies to move away from rigid maintenance cycles toward a more flexible model.

Machines are not subjected to unnecessary maintenance, but are caught in time before a critical part fails and production grinds to a halt. If the machine is running hotter than normal, the noise level has changed, the machine is smoking, or the temperature has dropped, the sensor networks can detect these anomalies at an early stage to prevent a costly full-system failure.

But there’s a long and complex journey between implementing initial pilot projects and rolling out predictive maintenance on a larger scale. Our experts help companies to make predictive maintenance in production and product processes part of their everyday operations.
Beyond production environments, anomaly detection is a useful tool in a wide range of other sectors and scenarios: From detecting fraud in the financial sector and identifying attack patterns in IT security, to spotting errors in any kind of process. With experience in a wide range of projects in the field of predictive maintenance and anomaly detection, we possess in-depth expertise in a variety of industries, including the automotive, commercial, and energy sectors. We create systems that will make an immediate impact on your business.