Data Engineering

Data: Lakes, pipelines, applications

More and more companies are joining the ranks of those who store their data – such as that generated by production, for example – in enormous data lakes – even if they don’t always know what the data will ultimately be used for. Early adopters of this approach know that when unstructured data from machines and ERP and service systems is aggregated, it can lay the foundations for new use cases and new business models. Data pipelines ensure that data is securely and smoothly transferred to the exact location where it is required. We build, develop, and manage data lakes. This data storage solution can be scaled almost limitlessly in terms of volume and performance, enabling customers to store, process, display, and visualize their data exactly as they wish.

We take care of quality assurance, security concepts, testing, and implementation. We also manage the rollout of data products and services and provide tailored software application programming in line with customer requirements. We organize our processes using best-practice software development frameworks and methods such as scrum, Kanban and ITIL. Each of our teams has designated members covering all of the required roles, with representation across all departments. Based on the principles of DevOps, each team works across the entire project lifecycle, from the pre-sales transition through to ongoing operation.