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Flexible Engine is a Public Cloud solution, operated by Orange Business Service. It gives you access to an innovative and well performing infrastructure in order to host your traditional and cloud native applications.



An innovative Public Cloud solution, based on Openstack standards, with more than 50 services available via API.


A global coverage through 8 area including France, China and the United States of America, all available at 99,99%.


A 24/7-secured solution, thanks to the OBS safety team habilitated by the Magic Quadrant Gartner.

Flexible Engine and the global crisis

As a global public Cloud, Flexible Engine can be one of your greatest assets in facing the challenges presented by these particular times. Below are ways Flexible Engine is being used to help meet these challenges.

AI assisted research

More and more datasets are being produced and expanded every day as new situations arrive. Professionals who are able to properly analyse these datasets for research or diagnosis are short at hand.

Flexible Engine’s GPU powered computing flavors and data analysis services are ideally suited to building AI assisted decision making processes.

Infrastructure management

As demand for remote services continues to increase as populations are confined to their homes, businesses are finding it necessary to increase their infrastructure capacity.

Flexible Engine allows you to  create and deploy scalable Cloud services accross the world to meet the demands of your customers in a world without having to rely on infrastructure vendors.

To learn more about how Flexible Engine can help you in these times, contact your Orange Business Services representative or use the contact form here.

Key points

A Global coverage

The Flexible Engine services are available in 6   areas across the world.

The Flexible Engine solution gives you access to our locations (France, Netherlands, Singapore and United States) as well as the locations operated by our partner Huawei in China and in Hong Kong.

Our presence on various continents allows us to assist you in terms of hosting but also to help you in your projects of processing and outsourcing.

Each Data Center is rigorously chosen on the basis of ambitious criteria defined by Orange’s expert in Data Center management.

The conformity with the latest standards, the creation of highly available architectures and the ability to interconnect between them and with our customers’ sites are requirements to which we are particularly attentive.

An online console for a global management

  • Our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution allows you to manage your virtual infrastructure from an online console.

  • Our self-scaling feature allows you to benefit from intelligent elasticity.

  • Our ability to manage multiple regions allows you to easily implement your high availability strategy

  • Our APIs, open and documented, will allow you to easily manage your platforms and gain agility.

  • 100% digital access to your infrastructure: rights management, monitoring, managing your resources and your network parameters, …

  • A payment with the use and without commitment.

"We liked the simple and intuitive console"


A high level of certification

Safety is essential and even more for those services. As a consequence, the safety architecture of Flexible Engine’s infrastructures follows several certification standards such as the ISO27001 certification.

Since June 2018, Flexible Engine has a Level 2 Multi-Tier Cloud Security Certification (MTCS) on its Paris and Singapore Data Centers.

In addition, Flexible Engine relies on Data Centers spread across the world which all have a minimum certification.

For instance, European’s Data Centers have the following certifications:

  • ISAE3402
  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 9001

Our strengths

A complete solution, integrated by Orange

  • Deploy your critical applications across multiple data centers with a unified global infrastructure
  • Trust a secure anti-DDOS infrastructure
  • A network connectivity that facilitates the implementation of private, public or hybrid solutions through our direct connections and Business VPN Gallery
  • Your data and applications hosted in France with a contract of French law
  • A guaranteed 99.99% SLA on compute (instances and block storage) and 99.90% on object storage
  • Manage your applications easily with automated monitoring, alerting and resiliency services
  • A pay-per-use and no obligation

Instance sizes for all your needs

  • A standard at the forefront of innovation thanks to thousands of OpenStack developers.
  • Open and documented APIs to manage your platforms and gain agility
  • A range of instances that adapts to your needs, even the most demanding (intensive computing, high traffic applications, Big Data, …)
  • 100% digital access to your infrastructure: customer area, managing your cloud resources via the console
  • A dynamic roadmap that is enriched with new features very regularly
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Use cases

Flexible Engine answers to the most common use cases such as:

  • Restructuration of your activities
  • recovery plan
  • Virtual Private Cloud
  • Container
  • Big Data

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