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Data Replication Service (DRS) – Database migration and synchronization


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DRS is a stable, efficient, and easy-to-use cloud service for database online migration and synchronization in real time.

It simplifies data migration processes and reduces migration costs.

You can use DRS to quickly transmit data between databases in various scenarios.

Real-Time Migration

DRS allows you to migrate data from the source database to the destination database when the DRS instance can connect to both the source and destination databases. In addition, the source DB instances, destination DB instances, and migration objects must be configured.

Real-time migration supports multiple types of networks, such as public networks, VPCs, VPNs, and direct connections. With these network connections, migration can be performed between different cloud platforms, from on-premises databases to cloud databases, or on cloud databases across regions.

DRS supports incremental migration, which ensures service continuity while minimizing the impact of service downtime and migration. Databases can thereby be smoothly migrated to the cloud, and all database objects can be migrated.


  • Easy to Use

DRS simplifies migration procedures and does not require too much technical knowledge. Traditional migration requires professional technical personnel and migration procedures are complicated.

  • Fast Setup

DRS sets up a migration task within minutes. Traditional migration takes several days, weeks, or even months to set up.

  • Low Costs

DRS saves traditional database administrator (DBA) labor costs and hardware costs.

  • Secure

DRS allows you to query the migration progress, check migration logs, and compare migration items, so you can easily complete migration tasks.