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Cloud Bastion Host (CBH) – a unified security management and control platform

Facilitates centralized control of cloud computing resources

Cloud Bastion Host (CBH) operates as a unified security management and control platform, providing clients with account, authorization, authentication, and audit management services. This platform facilitates centralized control of cloud computing resources, integrating various functional modules for streamlined operations and secure access.


HTML5 One-stop Management

  • Empowers users to conduct operations and maintenance (O&M) seamlessly via mainstream browsers.
  • Centralizes user, resource, and permission management through an intuitive HTML5 UI.

Precise Interception

  • Customizes and precisely intercepts O&M operations based on well-defined control rules.
  • Utilizes dynamic approval mechanisms to govern sensitive operations during ongoing sessions.

Unified Application Resource Management

  • Manages diverse application resources through a unified access entry.
  • Supports OCR technology, simplifying O&M audits by converting graphical applications into text files.

CBH enhances operational efficiency with one-stop management, precise interception, and unified application resource management, ensuring secure and auditable cloud resource management. For more information on the service please visit the HelpCenter.