Relational Database Service

Quickly deploy your databases in a stable, secure, scalable, reliable and easy to manage way.


The Relational Database Service (RDS) can be used as soon as an online environment is created.

Relational Database Service is a feature compatible with MySQL databases, and Microsoft SQL, it allows deployment in simple mode or in active-passive mode. The installation and deployment of your databases is automatic and autonomous and only takes few minutes. The service also offers operation and maintenance tools: PRA, backup and restore, monitoring, migration. The service reduces the complexity and costs of maintenance operations, allowing you to focus on your applications and business.

The solution’s administration console allows you to perform most relational database management tasks without programming, simplifying the management of your operations teams. The service is active on two Datacenters in two availability areas


Immediate use after provisioning (short Time to Market)

RDS makes it easy to go from project conception to deployment. Customers can access the capabilities of a production-ready relational database in minutes. The deployment of a dedicated database instance or even a server is no longer required.

Easy to administer

Customers can easily setup, operate and scale a relational database. In addition, customers can easily perform database O&M activities, including connecting their application to database Instance, as well as data migration, backup and recovery, and also monitoring. Customers can use the CES (Cloud Eye Service) Console to view key operational metrics, including CPU/memory/storage capacity utilization, I/O activity, and database connections.


Horizontal Scale: MySQL database engines allow customers to create one or more (Max 5) Read Replicas to offload read traffic from the Primary DB Instance.

Vertical Scale: Scale up or down computing capacity by modifying the DB instance class, Scale up storage capacity by modifying the allocated storage.

Scénarios d’application: Software

RDS for SQL Server can synchronize with Microsoft integration and visualization management tools to bring increased benefits for software development.

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