Public Cloud – Flexible Engine

File & Application Backup (FAB) – Cloud or physical hosted backup resources

A secure backup solution in the Flexible Engine cloud

Whether hosted in your cloud environment or on-premises, File and Application Backup (FAB) ensures the availability of your workload data. This solution is offered as a self-service solution within Flexible Engine, our open source public cloud.

The guarantee of a complete protection adapted to your needs

End-to-end encryption

FAB secures data transfer in encrypted tunnels and also offers object storage on encrypted buckets.

99,99% availability

The data backed up on the pre-configured storage is spread over 3 datacenters in Paris with an option to replicate to another datacenter in another region.

Scalability and evolutivity

Flexile Engine cloud backup service that scales with your business

Backup types compatible with File and Application Backup

Les sauvegardes supportées à date sont :

This feature is available for Windows and Linux, it allows :

  • to protect all data by default, or to choose certain directories or single files
  • use filter mechanisms to exclude files from the backup (by name, by type)

This feature is available for SQL Server, Oracle and MySql. It allows consistent backup of your databases. Single transaction recovery is available, depending on the data recovery model defined on your databases.

This feature allows you to protect your Exchange infrastructure

This feature allows you to back up your Office 365 services (Exchange Online, Sharepoint, OneDrive, Teams) that rely on Azure directories and restore data in a granular way

In addition to its dedicated storage, File and Application Backup can be used to back up data (Files, Database …) to a storage space of your choice (local storage, or Cloud storage such as Flexible Engine).

FAB has the following features to protect your data:

  • A “Bring Your Own Storage” option that allows you to choose a storage other than FAB for the stored data and to define the backup policy (day, time, frequency).
  • Backups on demand according to your needs to protect your data punctually
  • Time navigation to restore your data to the date of their backup
  • Restore your data to its source or to a destination of your choice
  • Fine management of elements to be protected/restored (file granularity)
  • Version management (number of saved versions, retention time)
  • Unlimited management of access to your backup interface to define yourself, without constraints, the administrators of your backup
  • Pre-configured dashboards and activity reports to facilitate service monitoring
  • Optimize your bandwidth by taking advantage of pre-configured internal compression and de-duplication mechanisms for protected data


  • The monthly billing for the service is based on two components: the items protected either the volume of data (applications, databases, file servers…) or the number of users (e.g. Office 365) submitted to File and Application Backup.

    For the pricing calculation, the cumulative daily protected data is averaged at the end of each month. As for the number of protected users, it is daily and takes into account the highest consumption.
  • Storage or volume of data stored on File and Application Backup

    The amount of storage seen at the end of the month varies depending on retention policies and the type of data being protected.
Monthly usage type Data protected
Stored data

< 1Tb

between 1 Tb
and 5 Tb

between 5 Tb
and 10 Tb

between10 Tb
et 15 Tb

> 15 To

Application file servers, Database, VSA

0,1008 €/Go/m





  Protected users

< 50

 between 50 and100

between 100 and 200

between 200 and 500

> 500

Cloud application (Ex:O365)






FAB’s pricing model does not take into account a possible network cost depending on your data location (on-premise or in a Cloud).

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