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Data Lake Insight (DLI) – Serverless data processing and analysis

[Features- Data Analysis]


Data Lake Insight (DLI) is a serverless data processing and analysis service compatible with standard SQL, Spark and Flink SQL. It also supports multiple access modes, and is compatible with mainstream data formats.


  • DLI Core Engine: Spark and Flink: Spark is a unified analysis engine that is ideal for large-scale data processing. Flink is a distributed compute engine that is ideal for batch processing. Users can also use it for stream processing, that is, processing real-time data streams and generating data results in real time.
  • Serverless Architecture: Along with providing serverless big data query and analysis services, DLI enables users to easily manage traffic spikes with auto-scaling.


Full SQL compatibility

he SQL syntax is fully compatible with the standard ANSI SQL 2003.

Storage-compute decoupling

DLI decouples storage from computing, ensuring thus lower costs for the user while improving resource utilization.

Enterprise multi-tenancy

The user can manage any resource-related permissions by project or user, and implement fine-grained control to isolate data for each task.

Operations and Maintenance-free and high availability

DLI frees the user from complicated O&M and upgrading procedures while providing high data availability with dual-AZ deployment.