Data Ingestion Service

Collect and process your business data in real time

Flexible Engine / Data Analysis


The Data Ingestion Service (DIS) is a highly scalable real-time streaming service which is capable of capturing and processing large amount of streaming data for specific needs. Data send to DIS can be stored for offline processing and analytics. With Data Ingestions Service enrich their application through deeper understanding of their data. DIS can be useful to thousands of existing real world scenarios such as capturing IoT sensor data, website clickstreams, stock transactions, social feeds, mobile app gaming telemetries or sensors from autonomous vehicles enabling deeper and enriching application experience through data.


Real-time data processing

You can continuously collect data as it is generated and react quickly to critical information about your company and operations.

Expandable Streams

The user can create a flow rate going from megabytes to hundreds of megabytes per second.


DIS synchronously replicates user streaming data across multiple logical bays and can store user data for up to 7 days, preventing data loss if the application fails.

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