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Palo Alto Networks VM-Series is a network security appliance that can apply a number of features to network traffic, providing a consolidated security solution to match the needs of any network, big or small. The VM-Series offers a unique combination of visibility, control over your applications and data, and protection against both known and unknown threats. The result is an unprecedented level of security for critical deployments in the cloud. Specifically, the VM-Series gives you the ability to:

  • Protect mission-critical applications and data
  • Block lateral movement of cyberthreats
  • Automate security so it keeps pace with your business

Version:  PaloAlto Networks VM-Series
Category: Security / Firewall appliance




You can license VM-Series firewalls on OCB FE with licenses purchased through regular Palo Alto Networks channels.

Bring your own license (BYOL) and VM-Series ELA—A license that you purchase from a partner, reseller, or directly from Palo Alto Networks. VM-Series firewalls support all capacity, support, and subscription licenses in BYOL.

When using your own licenses, you license VM-Series firewalls like a traditionally deployed appliance, and you must apply a license authorization code. After you apply the code to the device, the device registers with the Palo Alto Networks support portal and obtains information about its capacity and subscriptions. Subscription licenses include Threat Prevention, PAN-DB URL Filtering, AutoFocus™, GlobalProtect, and WildFire.

To accelerate firewall deployment, the VM-Series enterprise licensing agreement (ELA) provides a fixed price licensing option allowing unlimited deployment of VM-Series firewalls with BYOL. Palo Alto Networks offers licenses in one and three-year term agreements with no true-up at the end of the term.

The VM-Series ELA includes four components:
– Your choice of single VM-Series model that you can deploy as many times as you want and in as many virtual environments as you want. All of your VM-Series ELA deployments use a single license authorization code, which allows for easier automation and simplifies the deployment of firewalls.
– Threat Prevention, WildFire, GlobalProtect and PAN-DB Subscriptions for every VMSeries firewall deployed as part of the VM-Series ELA.
– Unlimited deployments of Panorama as a virtual appliance.
– Support that covers all the components deployed as part of the VM-Series ELA.

Deployment Process

Although IaaS providers are responsible for ensuring the security and availability of their infrastructure, ultimately, organizations are still responsible for the security of the applications and data. This reference architecture describes how an organization can use the Palo Alto Networks® VM-Series firewalls running PAN-OS to bring visibility, control, and protection to your applications built in Orange Flexible Engine.

The below document provides architectural guidance for solution architects and engineers who are familiar with the next-generation firewall but not Orange Flexible Engine. It links the technical aspects of the Orange FE and Palo Alto Networks solution together before exploring the technical design models of the architecture. Use this guide as a roadmap for architectural discussions between Palo Alto Networks and your organization

Installation and deployment Guide
Configuration guide

To mount a Palo Alto Networks image log in to your Flexible Engine account, select the Elastic Cloud Server in Computing services

Then click Create ECS and select any s3, c3 and cc3 flavors with minimum 2vCPU and 8GB RAM memory

For Image select Public Image then filter on Other to choose Palo Alto VM Series 805


Support on Palo Alto Networks VM-Series is ensured solely by Palo Alto Network. Specific license must be bought from Palo Alto Networks or partners.

Palo Alto Networks is responsible for the functioning and performance of Palo Alto Networks VM-Series image itself.

If you need further assistance you can use the following Troubleshooting & Decision Tree Guide


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