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Your single Cloud Management Platform from Prologue to deploy and manage your applications

Product Overview

Use-IT-Cloud is your single Cloud Management Platform from Prologue to deploy and manage your applications in the Cloud of your choice.

With Use-IT-Cloud you can perform the following actions:

  • Selecting the best Cloud that meets predefined criteria (technical, financial, operational, legal, SLA…)
  • Automatic provisioning of resources
  • Seamless migration of workloads from one Cloud to another
  • Multi-Cloud orchestration
  • Configuration management
  • Multilevel security and Identity management
  • Users rights management
  • Monitoring of all resources in use from a common dashboard
  • Custom reporting and audit
  • Flexibility to integrate new Clouds
  • Extendibility by leveraging existing Clouds evolution


  • Freedom: unified dashboard, provisioning across multiple cloud providers, cloud agnostic
  • Simplicity: user friendly interface; single dashboard, interoperability, integration with existing third party tools
  • Automation: blueprint IaaC, REST API, DevOps, FinOps


This Use-IT-Cloud image for Flexible Engine is provided on Bring Your Own License basis. To purchase the license please contact Prologue

The consumption of Flexible Engine resources is purchased at standard pricing.

Deployment Process

To create a Use-IT-Cloud image in your Flexible Engine environment, please follow these steps below:

  1. Log in à votre coLog in to your Flexible Engine account
  2. Select the Elastic Cloud Server in Computing services
  3. Then click Create ECS
  4. Select the relevant flavor at least 2vCPU + 8GB RAM
  5. To select the image, click on Public Image and filter through Other field to choose Prologue UIC 2.1.0 image

Please refer to the Deployment Guide for instructions how to install and deploy the Use-IT-Cloud image in your Flexible Engine environment.

Please refer to the Prologue website for instructions how to configure the Use-IT-Cloud features.


Support on Use IT Cloud is ensured solely by Prologue. Please refer to the Prologue website for more information

Setup Services

Professional Services

Prologue experts specialized in Use-IT-Cloud will support you in the installation and configuration of features, and provide training if needed. Please contact Prologue for more information.

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