Launch of Flexible Engine Stack

Flexible Engine
Release Notes

April, 2021

Market researches show that 90% of companies today follow a hybrid and multi-cloud approach. Orange Business continues to innovate by providing solutions that reply to this IT trend and announces the launch of Flexible Engine Stack starting April 2021.

A considerable number of companies must host their workloads on private or local environment for either regulatory constraints related to data privacy & information security or for certain performance or low latency use cases that are better answered by private cloud infrastructures. But still these customers want to benefit from the massive features, scalability and economies of scale offered by the public cloud. As these organizations continue to expand into both public and private clouds, using each for specific workloads, it is critical that these hybrid & multi-cloud solutions work seamlessly together.

“Flexible Engine Stack combines the best of the two private & public models through a variety of features that offers a truly consistent experience in managing workloads across different environments and achieving the maximum IT agility while respecting the data sovereignty and security compliance” announced Pascal Bitterly, Product Owner Leader of Flexible Engine. Following the principles of Cloud Bursting, a company can burst extra unplanned demand on private FE Stack resources into the FE public cloud during peak hours. Another customer can use a low cost storage tier in FE public cloud for Archive & Backup of his non frequently accessed data to free space in his FE private stack.

Flexible Engine Stack is a fully private & dedicated infrastructure that is sized in capacity, services, network and Availability Zones per customer request. In addition, two deployment options are proposed to the customer :

  • The infrastructure can be deployed on customer’s premises where customer has a full control and ownership of the datacenter, hardware, security and network. In this Purchase model, the customer invests in Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) composed by One Time Charge (OTC) for the hardware and the Build service & by a Monthly Recurring Charge (MRC) for the Run and Support services.
  • The infrastructure can be also deployed in an Orange datacenter or a 3rd party datacenter under the control of Orange where the customer benefits from a Leasing Model which relies on Operating Expenditures (OPEX) by lower OTC for the Build services only and higher MRC for the RUN and Support Services.

For a full hybrid experience, this private infrastructure can be connected to other customer’s domains of Flexible Engine public cloud. Thus the user can administrate his cloud resources via a similar experience and technical console. He can deploy his applications in his private region or in the public regions by using the same services and API.

While Flexible Engine Stack can be deployed in a hybrid or fully private context, the infrastructure is always connected to Orange operations center via Business VPN connection or IPsec in order to maintain the services 24×7. This allows customers to focus on their day to day business and increase their business efficiency.

Flexible Engine Stack is proposed with a strong Value Proposition: “An innovative cloud hybridation model which can be deployed on customer’s premise in a Purchase model or in Orange’s datacenters in a Leasing model, 100% operated by Orange for the user’s tranquility”.

Author : Mohamed Fouad, Product Owner of Flexible Engine Stack