Audit and strategy

Mapping and evaluating your infrastructure to create a dedicated cloud strategy.


Our experts help you analyze your information system and define your cloud transformation strategy. Our offer is built around a specific methodology:

Infrastructure Audit

Élaboration d’une cartographie technique de l’état dCreate a technical mapping for your existing IT infrastructur :

  • Study your infrastructure components
  • Analyze data flow exchanges between servers
  • Define the business criticality of each of your applications

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Run a study to assess the cloud eligibility of your infrastructure and applications, support your decision-making process.

  • What cloud services would you like to use?
  • What cloud deployment type (migration, reconstruction, transition to SaaS, etc.) works for you?
  • How will implementation work?
  • What will the direct and indirect costs be?

Cloud Migration Plan

Create a detailed migration plan that includes the best strategy for migrating and transforming all of your IT applications and servers to the cloud.

Example of deliverables that we can provide during the various stages: consolidated IT inventory, technical architecture diagrams, application criticality RPO/RTO, cloud eligibility study, cloud migration recommendation and labor estimate, transformation plan, migration plan with costs and associated fees.


Advantages of our suport solution


More informed decision-making

The IT infrastructure audit will give you a clear idea of the data you control, helping you launch your cloud migration project             


Project cost estimation

We estimate how much financial support will be needed for a cloud transformation of your IT system


Cloud eligibility analysis

We identify which applications and data are eligible for cloud services while also highlighting any sensitive data and/or regulatory issues

Key Elements

  • We install probes to study how your IS behaves under real working conditions
  • We organize workshops for your teams to exchange with our experts.
  • We analyze the data collected using the “Cloud Readiness Assessment” matrix, based on criteria related to your company’s business, technology, security, and regulatory needs
  • You will receive a complete analysis of your IT assets: infrastructure, data, applications, functional issues, business issues, organizational issues, to help you make your decisions with confidence

Use case

Our audit and strategy services can help you:

  • Identify your cloud-eligible applications
  • Map your Information system
  • Identify the deployment model that meets your needs
  • Estimate the cost of a cloud transformation project

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