Design et migration

Your migration to the cloud managed by our experts

We will help you design and execute a cloud migration for your applications while guaranteeing minimal service interruptions.

Architecture: design and approve your architecture on our platform in 5 steps

  • Evaluate the portability of your application portfolio
  • Understand and use best practices to improve portability
  • Select activation technologies for portable cloud architectures
  • Give the application/service more contextual independence
  • Maintain stricter monitoring during production deployment

Migration services: we will support you at every step of the migration process

  • Migration plan and migration management
  • Migration strategy based on several possible scenarios
  • Mechanism for replicating applications / servers / data to minimize switch latency
  • Specific approaches for ADs, databases, file servers
  • Testing before and after to secure the migration

The advantages of the support of our experts



Limited impact on your main business users      

Custom migration

Based on your applications’ criticality


Reducing technical debt

Revising and refactoring existing applications to reduce technical debt

A 4-step migration strategy:

  • Choosing the right migration strategy
  • Guaranteeing service continuity for your business
  • Scheduling migration waves
  • Monitoring operational migration activities


  • Source and target synchronized by the network, up to the switch
  • Minimal interruption of service
  • Solutions based on software agents (servers or source hypervisor)
  • 3-step operation: source snapshot, target copy, delta synchronization
  • Transfer of VM images or data files by network or external storage


  • Recreating new environments: VM, OS, middleware, associated services
  • Replication and integration of data on the target solution


  • Application changes
  • OS version upgrade
  • Version upgrade or database type change

Use case of our support on design and migration:

One of the world’s largest mining companies chooses Orange Business to host its SAP ERP:


  • 80 VMs hosted at 2 remote datacenters / 90 Tb of data.
  • SAP ERP + testing and application servers Development / testing / production environments.


  • Complete the migration in 5 months, with strict deadlines.
  • Low-risk migration strategy, with no visible impact on businesses and end users.
  • Comprehensive testing strategy, with technical and functional testing for each VM migration.


  • A flexible migration methodology that meets the client’s migration sequencing, testing strategy, and switchover needs.
  • Highly automated migration operations with Double-Take and post-configuration scripts.
  • Client satisfaction thanks to respect of delivery terms with a minimum of service interruptions.

Our architecture and migration services can help you in other instances such as:

  • Designing hybrid architectures.
  • Optimizing architectures for the cloud.
  • Migrating environments to the cloud with a level of service interruption that is optimized for your situation.