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We will help you design and execute a cloud migration for your applications while guaranteeing minimal service interruptions. Architecture: design and approve your architecture on our platform in 5 steps

  • Evaluate the portability of your application portfolio
  • Understand and use best practices to improve portability
  • Select activation technologies for portable cloud architectures
  • Give the application/service more contextual independence
  • Maintain stricter monitoring during production deployment

Migration services: we will support you at every step of the migration process

  • Migration plan and migration management
  • Migration strategy based on several possible scenarios
  • Mechanism for replicating applications / servers / data to minimize switch latency
  • Specific approaches for ADs, databases, file servers
  • Testing before and after to secure the migration


  • Reducing technical debt: revising and refactoring existing applications to reduce technical debt
  • Custom migration: based on your applications’ criticality
  • Transparency: limited impact on your main business users

Key points

A 4-step migration strategy:

  • Choosing the right migration strategy
  • Guaranteeing service continuity for your business
  • Scheduling migration waves
  • Monitoring operational migration activities

4 migration strategies

Use cases

Mobile application and online sales

One of the largest mining companies in the world chose Orange Business Services to host its SAP ERP.


  • 80 VMs hosted at 2 remote datacenters / 90 Tb of data
  • SAP ERP + testing and application servers Development / testing / production environments


  • Complete the migration in 5 months, with strict deadlines
  • Low-risk migration strategy, with no visible impact on businesses and end users
  • Comprehensive testing strategy, with technical and functional testing for each VM migration


  • A flexible migration methodology that meets the client’s migration sequencing, testing strategy, and switchover needs
  • Highly automated migration operations with Double-Take and post-configuration scripts
  • Client satisfaction thanks to respect of delivery terms with a minimum of service interruptions

Our architecture and migration services can help you in other instances such as:

  • Designing hybrid architectures
  • Optimizing architectures for the cloud
  • Migrating environments to the cloud with a level of service interruption that is optimized for your situation

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