Release notes Flexible Engine

The dynamism of the Flexible Engine community ensures a complete solution enriched with new features on a regular basis. Find below the information on the last features released.

Dedicated Host – general availability in Paris
DeH is now available for general purpose use on S3 flavours. Dedicated Host provides the user with a dedicated physical host on which to create ECS that isn’t shared with other tenants. DeH isolates and enhances the security and the performance of ECSs. Licenses are available in BYOL mode including when migrating from previous instance types.
Cloud Container Engine Update – general availability in Paris
CCE has received significant updates including The ability to run on P2 GPU instances to make use of V100s. Support for Kubernetes 1.13 EulerOS 2.5 Support for Kubernetes 1.9 has been removed.
Cloud Stream Service – general availability in Paris
CS has been updated to version 2.1.2. The service provides full-stack capabilities for processing streaming data in real time. Compatible with Apache Flink and Spark APIs, CS fully hosts computing clusters, so you can run StreamSQL or user-defined jobs without learning any programming skills
Key Management Service Update
KMS now supports encryption for EVS, OBS, IMS and SFS.
Object Storage Service Bandwidth Update
The service's bandwidth has been increased to 100GB, allowing faster backup and recovery speeds.
Storage Disaster Recovery Service
The storage disaster recovery service provides inter-AZ disaster recovery protection for Elastic Cloud servers.
File and Application Backup
FAB is a managed backup platform as a service that allows files, databases and resource applications to be constantly upgraded to the file level in Flexible Engine.
Database Services Document
DDS is a NoSQL self-service document database engine.