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The dynamism of the Flexible Engine community ensures a complete solution enriched with new features on a regular basis. Find below the information on the last features released.

Relational Database Service update: Now available on Paris 3rd AZ

Flexible Engine / Release note Relational Database Service is now available on the Paris region’s 3rd availability zone Eu-west-0c. This update allows you to make use of further optimised distributed database architectures. In order to create a new database instance within the new AZ (eu-west-0c), simply access your Flexible Engine technical console, and choose Relational Database Service. You will then be able to select on which AZ (eu-west-0a, eu-west-0b, eu-west-0c) you wish

Document Database Service update: MongoDB 4.0 support

Flexible Engine / Release note Document Database Service (DDS) is a cloud computing-based NoSQL database. The latest stable version of the database engine, MongoDB 4.0 is now supported. With this upgrade, MongoDB 3.4 version is no longer supported. In order to create a new DDS instance with MongoDB 4.0 version, simply access your Flexible Engine technical console, and choose Document Database Service. You will then be able to select the version you

Relational Database Service update: MySQL 8 support

Flexible Engine / Release note MySQL is an object-relational database management system. The latest stable version of datebase engine, MySQL 8, is now live for Relational Database Service. MySQL 8 is available in the Relational Database Service. Sign in to the Flexible Engine Management Console, select MySQL, then the 8 version for DB engine version in Relational Database Service. This upgrade is live for all our regions: Paris region (eu-west-0), Amsterdam region

New Feature: API Gateway

Flexible Engine / Release note API Gateway is a high-performance, high-availability, and high-security API hosting service that helps enterprises build, manage, and deploy Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) at any scale. This microservice catalog facility provided to the customer. Create, publish and monitor APIs working as front doors to Applications while minimizing costs and risks. API Gateway management has been extented to use this service on all three Availability Zones for increased availability

Scalable File Service update: SFS Turbo

Flexible Engine / Release note Scalable File Service Turbo is an exclusive cloud file service provided by Flexible Engine. This service type is catered for enterprise NAS service scenarios, providing file services with QoS isolation, low latency, and high IOPS. More information on SFS Turbo is available here. SFS Turbo features: Flexible interconnection: supports interconnection based on ECS and EVS, deploy as requirement. Isolation: Each SFS turbo service is dedicated to it’s

New feature: Direct Connect Premium

Flexible Engine / Release note Direct Connect is a Flexible Engine service that allows you to connect your internal private network to a Flexible Engine Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). To do that, you have 2 possibilities: Dedicated connections: You can deploy your own network routers on Flexible Engine Direct Connect locations and connect your routers to Flexible Engine direct connect routers. Mutualized connections: You can use a network service provider like Orange

RDS Update: TDE encryption for MsSQL

Flexible Engine / Release note Transparent Data Encryption (TDE), on MsSQL Server is an encryption tool suited for Mircrosoft database. The feature will help you to encrypt data files and backup files using certificates to implement real-time I/O encryption and decryption on the database user. TDE for MsSQL is available in the Relational Database Service. Sign in to the Flexible Engine Management Console, select Microsoft SQL Server in Relational Database Service to

New feature: Server Migration Service

Flexible Engine / Release note Server Migration Service (SMS)  is a feature that allows the user to migrate physical or virtual servers (e.g. VMware) including the OS and all related data to the Flexible Engine platform. SMS allows you to seamlessly and efficiently migrate servers with just a few clicks. This feature works by deploying an agent installed on the source server that will replicate server data to prepare for a migration

Distributed cache service update: redis 4.0, 5.0 and more

Flexible Engine / Release note Flexible Engine’s Distributed Cache Service (DCS) in Paris has recieved a major update. DCS is a reliable and scalable Redis cache service fully hosted on Flexible Engine. With distributed technology, DCS supports large-scale, highly-concurrent accesses. Users are now able to upgrade to use this service with the most up-to-date versions of Redis: Redis 4.0 and 5.0. DCS includes a management console. To use it, sign in to

3rd Availability Zone now available in Paris

Flexible Engine / Release note Flexible Engine’s Paris region now supports a third availability zone or AZ. This major update will enhance the resiliency of the platform and any architecture that takes advantage of this new capability. This third availability zone will allow you to: Create and deploy cloud resources within this third availability zone. Distribute your services across multiple availability zones. As a reminder, an availability zone is an isolated set

VPC Update: VPC flow log for c3 ,cc3 and p2 computing flavors

VPC Flow Logs Flexible Engine / Fonctionnalités / Update The Virtual Private Cloud service on Flexible Engine has been updated to support VPC Flow Logs, that capture traffic information which is then viewable through the Log Tank Service. New Feature VPC Flow Log Feature description Flow Log is a feature that allows you to capture information about the IP traffic going to and from network interfaces. Flow Log is publishing the records

CTS Update: Key event notification

Cloud Trace Service Flexible Engine / Fonctionnalités / Update Flexible Engine’s Cloud Trace Service has been updated to support Key Event Notifications through the Simple Message Notification service. New Feature Cloud Trace Service Feature description Domain administrator scan configure the key event notification function on Cloud Trace Service (CTS). When a specified operation is performed, a notification is sent to specified users through the Simple Message Notification (SMN) service. This function is

Workspace update: s3 flavor based workspace instances

Workspace Flexible Engine / Fonctionnalités / Update Up until today, Workspace in Paris used XEN hypervisor flavors (s1 and c2) to create general desktops. As of this update, Workspace will make use of the KVM hypervisor flavor s3 to create desktops. In order to preserve consistency, the naming of the flavors shown in the Workspace console will not change. Click on this update to learn more. Feature Update Workspace Feature description With

Cloud Container Engine – 1030 Update

Support cluster upgrades from 1.9 to 1.11. Flexible Engine / Features / Release notes The upgrade feature upgrades the node to version 1.11 by reinstalling the operating system. The master node(s) is upgraded to version 1.11 by means of component upgrade, and the operating system will not be reinstalled. New Features SN 1 Feature CCE support cluster upgrade from 1.9 to 1.11 Feature Description Feature description: CCE support cluster upgrade from 1.9

Dedicated Host – general availability in Paris

DeH is now available for general purpose use on S3 flavours. Dedicated Host provides the user with a dedicated physical host on which to create ECS that isn’t shared with other tenants. DeH isolates and enhances the security and the performance of ECSs. Licenses are available in BYOL mode including when migrating from previous instance types.

Cloud Stream Service – general availability in Paris

CS has been updated to version 2.1.2. The service provides full-stack capabilities for processing streaming data in real time. Compatible with Apache Flink and Spark APIs, CS fully hosts computing clusters, so you can run StreamSQL or user-defined jobs without learning any programming skills

File and Application Backup

FAB is a managed backup platform as a service that allows files, databases and resource applications to be constantly upgraded to the file level in Flexible Engine.

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