Flexible Engine
Release Notes

February, 2022

Direct Connect Premium: Link Aggregation Group support

Direct Connect Link Aggregation Group (LAG) now allows Flexible Engine users to connect their private network to the cloud by aggregating connections at a single Direct Connect Gateway (N x 1 Gbps or N x10 Gbp), for bigger bandwidth or redundancy purposes.

A link aggregation group (LAG) is a logical interface that uses the Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) to aggregate multiple connections at a single Flexible Engine Direct Connect endpoint, thus allowing users to treat them as a single, managed connection.

How to create a LAG

Flexible Engine users can create a LAG from existing and/or provision new connections. After the LAG has been created, users can associate existing connections (whether standalone or part of another LAG) with the LAG.

  • All connections in the LAG must use the same bandwidth.
  • Users can have a maximum of four connections in a LAG. Each LAG connection counts toward the region’s overall connection limit.
  • All connections in the LAG must terminate at the same Flexible Engine Direct Connect endpoint.
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