Flexible Engine
Release Notes

May, 2022

Multi-tenants management : selfcare tenant termination

For organizations that need to manage several Flexible Engine domains, like large companies or Orange partners or resellers, the “partner login” of the Cloud Customer Space is a well-adapted feature allowing you to manage these domains. With such “partner login” you can :

  • Access all your domains information (read only) in the Cloud Customer Space : users list, detailed consumption reports, reserved instances etc
  • Create new Flexible Engine domains
  • Change the name of your domains, used in the invoice
  • Manage reserved instances of any of your domains
  • Change the support level
  • List other users who have a “partner login” on your organization

Now it is also possible to request the termination of any of your Flexible Engine domains if you have a specific “termination” right on your “partner login”.

You will find all details about these features, and how to activate them, in the Flexible Engine FAQ page :