Multi-tenants management : selfcare tenant termination

Flexible Engine
Release Notes

May, 2022

For organizations that need to manage several Flexible Engine domains, like large companies or Orange partners or resellers, the “partner login” of the Cloud Customer Space is a well-adapted feature allowing you to manage these domains. With such “partner login” you can :

  • Access all your domains information (read only) in the Cloud Customer Space : users list, detailed consumption reports, reserved instances etc
  • Create new Flexible Engine domains
  • Change the name of your domains, used in the invoice
  • Manage reserved instances of any of your domains
  • Change the support level
  • List other users who have a “partner login” on your organization

Now it is also possible to request the termination of any of your Flexible Engine domains if you have a specific “termination” right on your “partner login”.

You will find all details about these features, and how to activate them, in the Flexible Engine FAQ page :