Microsoft Azure

Virtual workspace on Azure Virtual Desktop with the expertise of our teams


Get a secure work environment that can be accessed from anywhere and from any device at low cost with Flexible Workspace User Experience [AVD].

Orange Business supports you from start to finish for your application and desktop transformation projects with technical assistance throughout the life of the solution.

Flexible Workspace User Experience [AVD] is a Windows 10 desktop virtualization solution based on Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) technology. Each user has a complete Windows 10 desktop at their disposal. Data is secure and accessible from anywhere and from any device.

Combine the power of Azure Virtual Desktop with the expertise of Orange business for your desktop transformation project.

A Windows 10 virtual work environment solution based on 4 pillars

User experience

Virtual desktops are accessible everywhere on all types of devices, with optimal connectivity.


Maintained security policies and the implementation of multi-factor authentication ensure a consistently secure connection.

Management of your IT resources

Take advantage of Windows 10 multisession, optimally distribute resources among groups of people. Automate everything to simplify everything.


Discounted subscriptions, but above all the possibility to manage the use of its platforms to pay only for what you use.

Orange Business offers end-to-end support for digital desktop transformation by putting the user at the heart of our approach with a managed workspace service for enterprises focused on flexibility, security and end-user experience.

Adaptability of your digital space, security of your data and pay per use

Applications and virtual desktops adapted to business needs

  • Cloud-based desktops and applications
  • Easy application deployment
  • Work easily from home

Secure access to data and applications

  • From anywhere and on any device
  • Protection against data leakage and malware threats

Flexibility and cost reduction

  • Pay-per-use
  • Run interactive sessions with multiple simultaneous users using the same deployment
  • License per user
  • Easily increase and decrease capacity

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Les postes de travail virtuels sont accessibles depuis n’importe où et depuis n’importe quel terminal. Ils sont plus flexibles et correspondent mieux au profil de l’utilisateur qui retrouve son environnement de travail complet.


ConteContent (applications, data, profile) is stored in the cloud and no longer on your employee’s device, thus limiting the risks in case of theft or loss of the device.

Simplification of workstation management

The workstation adapts to the needs of your employees. The maintenance of the workstations is automated and allows the deployment of new software versions or operating systems (OS) without constraints.

Orange Business offers end-to-end support for your desktop transformation projects