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Nuabee, a cloud-based disaster recovery solution.


Nuabee is based on Orange Business’ public cloud solution: Flexible Engine.

Nuabee provides enterprises with solutions to ensure business continuity of their services with environmental backups, backup with restore tests and  Disaster Recovery Plan solutions on Orange Business’ public cloud, Flexible Engine.

With the risk of cyberattacks, natural disasters and other disasters, businesses need to protect themselves with an IT disaster recovery plan that they can fully trust and that is simple to implement and activate.

Thanks to process automation, Nuabee ensures the backup of heterogeneous IT environments (any hypervisor, physical servers, VPS, Cloud, …) and regularly tests in a monitored way (as a Service) their restoration in the Cloud.

Benefits of the Orange Business – Nuabee partnership

As part of its managed DRP approach on Flexible Engine, Nuabee is part of Orange Business’ strategy to provide value-added managed services for its customers.

This partnership started since 2014 around OpenStack cloud solutions and was strengthened in 2018 with the porting of the solution to Flexible Engine.

The Disaster Recovery Plan solution

Nuabee offers a Disaster Recovery Plan as a service.

This complete offering is provided and managed by Nuabee and its components are integrated into Flexible Engine.

Our offer is based on several principles:

  • Meticulous implementation of disaster recovery plans with the customer
  • Optimal security for your data (encryption at source, certified datacenters)
  • Industrialization of processes to minimize human intervention
  • An economical DRP thanks to low storage costs and industrialized processes
  • Guaranteed operation of your disaster recovery plan thanks to regular tests
  • A monitoring console for backups, recovery tests & disaster recovery that allows the customer to monitor and manage all his Nuabee solutions

The backup solution with tests

Very often, the backup strategies of small and medium-sized businesses are based on backups on cartridges or tapes and the outsourcing of their backups is done at irregular intervals. This without ever having the possibility to test the restorations on site, due to lack of disk space, time or lack of knowledge of the risks. 

Nuabee offers a server and environment backup with regular restore tests. This backup solution ensures the integrity of your data and the reliable and efficient recovery of your data when needed.
Our solution is based on several principles:

  • Backup strategy according to customer needs and backup environments (servers, Nas, hypervisors, …)
  • Regular backup restoration tests (biannual or annual)
  • Easy modification of the scope of the recovery tests A backup monitoring – recovery tests – DRP console that allows the customer to monitor and manage all his Nuabee solutions