Managed big data

The infrastructure and expertise you need to start your journey into Big Data

Our expertise in the encapsulation of your business applications and a high-performance (including network) infrastructure that is secure, flexible and elastic to store and process your data in bulk.

Orange Business Big Data platforms offer the best Hadoop distributions on the market, such as Cloudera or Hortonworks.
Leader in Europe in IT services, our teams of experts are now reinforced by the integration of Basefarm, which includes specialists in data science and data analysis to offer you 360 ° solutions that meet your challenges. Big Data.

Your challenges

Get quick and easy data mining platforms to test your data.    

Deploy production environments to process your data with confidence.

Access the necessary scalability provided by the cloud for your bulk processing.

Use the best distributions on the market, those of Hadoop

Use case

Create your data lake

The Flexible Engine module 1 training is intended for project managers, operational staff and managers, as well as anyone Creating a datalake from internal company data and external data (from open data or purchased). This datalake should allow, by its volume and the diversity of information collected and processed, to have a 360 ° view of customer profiles, their uses, their tastes, their browsing.

exemple d'architecture pour un data lake

Big data to enrich the insurance sector

An insurance company wants to optimize insurance policies based on the uses and trends of policyholders surveyed using connected objects. With Orange Business solutions, it is easy to retrieve and store all the information for processing by Jobs Big Data and identify the optimizations and savings to be made.

exemple d'architecture de gestion des données pour le secteur de l'assurance

Data to optimize distribution

The retail world collects large amounts of purchasing data, which is useful to be able to process in real time. The components of our Big Data infrastructures allow real-time data to be ingested from multiple sources and then processed “in-memory” for real-time reporting and comparisons, regardless of the volume.

exemple d'architecture de données pour la distribution