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OBS RBAC best practices

This article describes the best practices around Role Based Access Control (RBAC) for Object Storage Service (OBS) and Identity and Access Management (IAM) on Flexible…

Automating Flexible Engine Deployments with Terraform and GitHub Actions

This section describes how to automate Flexible Engine Cloud Infrastructure deployments with Terraform Cloud and GitHub Actions.

Building highly available web server clusters with HAproxy, Virtual IP and Keepalived

This document outlines the steps for building a highly available web server cluster using HAproxy, Keepalived and Virtual IP on Flexible Engine Cloud.

Protect your website with Dedicated WAF

Introduction In this document, we will describe how to protect a website hosted on Flexible Engine using the following components : ECS – To host…

Connecting Apache Superset with MRS cluster Hive tables

This section describes how to connect an apache superset with MRS cluster to visualize Hive tables.

Automate API calls with Function Graph (Hibernate CCE Cluster)

In this document we will introduce our serverless service called FunctionGraph and use it to automate the hibernation of our Cloud Container Engine (CCE) cluster…

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Benchmark Cloud Container Engine Storage

Version Supported This document is based on Cloud Container Engine version 1.21 Performance test run on an ECS : c6.2xlarge.2 (8 vCPUs | 16 GiB)…

Building a resilient workload

This article describes resiliency design & features offered by Flexible Engine, and share good practises & example to respect for any workload design for High…