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Building a resilient workload

This article describes resiliency design & features offered by Flexible Engine, and share good practises & example to respect for any workload design for High…

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Terraform on Flexible Engine

This articles present how to build you Flexible Engine cloud infrastructure with code (IaC) using Terraform.

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Obtain Source IP using NGINX Ingress Controller

In this document we will explain how to conserve source IP address of a client using NGINX Ingress Controller and different type of Elastic LoadBalancer…

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Deploy NGINX Ingress Controller on Cloud Container Engine

In this document we will explain how you can replace the default Cloud Container Engine (CCE) Ingress with a different Ingress Controller. In this example…

Backup on Flexible Engine

This article presents backup concepts and best practices on Flexible Engine.

Flexible Engine Network concepts

This article presents some diagrams to explain two major FE network services (Virtual Private Cloud & Direct Connect). It also proposes some best practices regarding…

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Anti-DDoS on Flexible Engine

This article explains the Anti-DDoS protections on Flexible Engine

NFS Server cross AZ HA

Introduction The goal of this tutorial is to propose an NFS server with resiliency accross mutliple availability zone. It should support the loss of one…