Multi-tenants management : selfcare tenant creation

Flexible Engine
Release Notes

September, 2021

Because you manage large or complex infrastructures you might need several Flexible Engine tenants, in order to have your own process simplified (costs management, user management, support management, responsibilities over production resources etc).

A number of features already exist to help you manage several tenants :

  • Multi-tenants invoice : one invoice for all your tenants. And all the billing files that are available in the Cloud Store are aggregated : each file contains the billing information for all the tenants of your organization.
  • Partner login : an extra login which can access to the Cloud Store page for all the tenants of your organization, in order to perform a global management of all the tenants of your organization.
  • Online tenant creation : an option of the “partner login” allows you to create new tenants for your organization. Since the summer 2021 it is possible for all our customers.

You will find all details about these features, and how to activate them, in the Flexible Engine FAQ page :