Multi-tenants management: extra features

Flexible Engine
Release Notes

January, 2022

On request, OBS provides you a “partner login” to allow your teams manage your multiple tenants.

A number of features already exist to help you manage several tenants :

  • Transversal access in the Cloud Customer Space : read-only access in the Cloud Customer Space, to all your Flexible Engine tenants – no access to the technical console of your domains.
  • Online tenant creation : an option of the “partner login” allows you to create new tenants
  • Access to the Administration portal : list of your tenants, users, “partner logins”, orders.

Some features were recently added to the “partner login” :

  • The “Supervisor” role of your “Partner login” now allows your teams to :
    • upgrade the support level of any tenant (“Modify” button in the main page) – for downgrade support level you still need to contact OBS
    • to rename the tenant, to change billing references of your tenants, order reserved instances (“Order a service” menu in the main page)
    • Modify or remove any reserved instances (“See subscriptions” menu in the main page)

NOTE : you can request a “Supervisor” role at all times, by asking your OBS contact

You will find all details about these features, and how to activate them, in the Flexible Engine FAQ page – :