Managed Database

Making your databases available for your applications.

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Comprehensive database management service, including server-related tasks, and optimization and upgrade activities.

These services correspond to the strong need for required maintenance, which wants its database or databases to be “managed” in the Cloud. This integrates backups and real-time monitoring of the database.

It also covers the work necessary to create an optimal solution that supports your databases with complete security. Databases can be deployed on a physical server or a virtual one: this service is provided no matter the server type.

The main managed database types are: PostgreSQL, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB, Cassandra, MariaDB, Couchbase, Redis, Neo4j, ElasticSearch, etc.

The main advantages of the Managed Database service are:

Server availability

This service guarantees that your database(s), including their servers and operating systems, will be operational; in line with the availability commitment defined in the service level agreement.

Change Management

Our teams of engineers take a proactive approach to certain administrative tasks, like patches, security maintenance, etc.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

This service guarantees that your environment will be backed up for the number of days specified in your contract. We are also committed honoring the server recovery time listed in your contract in case of an incident.