Flexible Engine for Game Makers

As a game developer and/or publisher, you know the incredible benefits that the Cloud can bring to your business. This is why, at Orange Business Services, we have created a Cloud services package dedicated to fulfilling your needs.

At Orange Business Services, game makers can benefit from multiple programmes designed to offer maximum value when deploying your game through the Cloud.

Free trial for Game Makers

Sign up for 3 free months of Cloud Resources, including latency optimized computing flavors, highly resilient database features and our turbo charged NAS service.

Special promotion on our computing services

Benefit from significant discounts on s3 and s6 computing flavors versus standard pay-as-you go pricing.

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What is Flexible Engine

Flexible Engine is Orange Business Service’s global and secure public Cloud based on Openstack. It hosts a wide array of features critical to hosting your game on the cloud including:

Flexible Engine is a uniquely European Cloud, offering built-in GDPR compliance, 2 European regions, including the 3 availability zone Paris flagship region.

Learn more about Flexible Engine here, or discover all of Flexible Engine’s detailed features, pricing and technical documentation here.