[PFS] Parallel File System available in Paris and Amsterdam

Flexible Engine
Release Notes

February, 2022

Parallel File System (PFS), a sub-product of Object Storage Service (OBS), is a high-performance file system, with access latency in milliseconds. PFS can support a bandwidth performance up to the TB/s level and supports millions of input/output operations per second (IOPS), which makes it ideal for processing high-performance computing (HPC) workloads. 

Flexible Engine users can access data in a parallel file system using standard OBS APIs. It also supports data read and write through obsfs, a PFS client that supports POSIX. obsfs can be deployed on a Linux ECS, and then users can use obsfs to mount aparallel file system to that server. Once mounted, PFS functions like a local file system. Users can manage the PFS online, including creating, deleting, renaming files and folders, or modifying files.

When to use it

PFS is highly compatible, scalable, and reliable, with amazing performance capabilities. PFS is optimal for HPC and media asset archiving scenarios. The main application scenarios are the following:

  • Video surveillance: public security, business environments, and households 
  • Video On Demand (VOD): over-the-top (OTT) delivery and media assets library 
  • HPC: DNA sequencing and computer-aided engineering (CAE) scenarios in 
  • Big data: log analysis, content recommendation, operation report, user profile, and interactive analysis 


An existing OBS bucket cannot be changed to a parallel file system. For details about how to create a parallel file system, see Creating a Parallel File System. 

Function Restrictions:

  • Image processing is not supported. 
  • Server-side encryption is not supported. 
  • Cross-region replication is not supported. 
  • Versioning is not supported. 
  • Bucket inventory is not supported. 
  • CORS is not supported. 
  • Static website hosting is not supported. 
  • Configuration of default storage class for a parallel file system is not supported. 

Performance Restrictions:

A parallel file system provides a maximum bandwidth of 10 MB/s per TB by default. 

For more information on Object Service Storage (OBS)