Object Storage Service

Benefit from the reliability and performance of a large-scale storage infrastructure, without investment.

Flexible Engine / Storage



Data’s durability on block disk has a 99.9999999% guarantee and an availability rate of 99.9%.


The solution’s APIs are compatible with the Amazon S3 API in order to facilitate your multicloud use.  


Thanks to data encryption and management of files access


Object storage provides a very large and truly on-demand storage capacity in the sense that no provisioning is required upstream. Only the storage actually used is invoiced for the exact duration of its use.

OBS provides web service interfaces (WSIs) over Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and Hypertext Transfer Protocol Service (HTTPS). Additionality, OBS is compatible with most Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) application platform interfaces (APIs).

This type of storage is indicated for long-term storage and big volume as its price is significantly inferior to classic storage.

It is ideal for the distribution and storage of diverse contents on the internet (data, files, multimedia), the hosting of static websites or for

It can store any type of files and is suitable for common users, websites, enterprises, and developers.

This service allows you to store, to extract and to share data and files up to several peta-byte, at any time and from any internet access.

It is available in each of our regions. This ensures data sustainability even in the event of a potential disaster in one of our data centers.

The architecture is conceived to resist to breakdown:

  • Preservation of the data’s integrity through checksums controls
  • Self-maintenance of the failures based on at least one of the data replications
  • Hot replacement, suppression and addition of disks and servers
  • Updating, patches and version upgrades without service interruption

Clients can choose a storage category adapted to their their needs in terms of data durability, latency, access and price.

Standard Object Storage offers low access latency and a high debit. It applies to data storages which are frequently used (several times a month) or to small files (<1MB) which requires a fast answer

 Warm Object Storage applies to data storage which are semi-frequently used (less than 12 times a year) that requires rapid intervention. However, the Warm Object storage availability is lower than the Standard Object Storage.

Cold Object Storageapplies to data which are rarely used (less than once a year). The application scenario includes archiving and conservation of long term data. However, it can take hours to restore data form the Cold Storage.

Flexible Engine Object Storage provides the following features:

  • Creates and deletes buckets in specific regions.
  • Manages objects, including uploading (such as multipart upload), replicating, downloading, and deleting objects.
  • Manages bucket permissions, including bucket policies, access control lists (ACLs), and cross-origin resource sharing (CORS).
  • Manages bucket versioning, allowing multiple versions of objects to exist in a bucket.
  • Supports bucket website settings, achieving static website hosting and Static Website Using a Custom Domain.
  • Sets lifecycle management policies for buckets to delete expired objects automatically.
  • Sets web page redirection to redirect bucket requests to specific hosts.
  • Provides URL validation to prevent object links on OBS from being stolen by other websites.
  • Provides a variety of management and development platforms, such as management consoles, clients, SDKs (Java, Python, PHP, Android, C++, .Net, and Ruby), and REST APIs.

The service also provides various tools conceived to facilitate its use:

  • An unified and graphic management console available from your navigator
  • Heavy clients in order to manage your object storage from your computers or from local servers.
  • SDK (Java, Python, PHP, .Net, Android, iOS et C++)
  • API REST compatible with S3 API Amazon SA

Data transit between the three types of storage

Lifecycle functionality allows you to automatically switch from one type of storage to another. That is to say to make transit data between Standard, Warm and Cold according to previously defined rules.

Application scenario : Cloud Native Applications

OBS provides high-performance and highly available storage services, which can be expanded quickly to develop cloud applications at low costs.

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