RDS Update: Support for PostgreSQL enhancement

Flexible Engine
Release Notes

January 8, 2021

Relational Database Service (RDS) is Flexible Engine’s database management service. You can find more information regarding RDS here, and DDS technical documentation here.

Feature Description

PostgreSQL Enhanced Edition is a PostgreSQL-based database service that provides user experience close to the Oracle Database 12c and retains all PostgreSQL functionalities.
This new PostgreSQL version includes system views, PL/SQL, data types, SQL syntax, and null value processing and more advanced functions. PostgreSQL Enhanced Edition helps customers to reduce costs for migration to the Public Cloud and provides a comprehensive solution with high security, high availability, and high performance supported and based on Flexible Engine services.

Feature Limits

This update is currently only supported by Relational Database Service in eu-west-0 (Paris) region for now.


PostgreSQL Enhanced Edition is available in the Relational Database Service. Sign in to the Flexible Engine Management Console, select the database engine in Relational Database Service to use this function in Paris region (eu-west-0).


You can find all the related information (Relational Database Service User Guide, Relational Database Service API Reference, Relational Database Service Developer Guide) on our help center, through “Relational Database Service” dedicated page here.