Introducing FunctionGraph a new computing feature on Flexible Engine

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Release Notes

April, 2022

FunctionGraph is a Function as a Service solution that hosts and computes event-driven functions in a serverless context while ensuring high availability, high scalability, and zero maintenance. All you need to do is write your code and set conditions. You pay only for what you use and you are not charged when your code is not running.

Product Advantage

  • No Servers to Manage

FunctionGraph automatically runs your code and frees you from provisioning and managing servers, allowing you to focus on business innovation.

  • Auto-Scaling

FunctionGraph automatically scales to suit fluctuations in resource demands and ensures that the service remains accessible even during peaks and spikes.

It automatically scales in/out resources based on the number of service requests, and distributes requests to function instances through automatic load balancing.

  • Event-based Triggering

FunctionGraph integrates with multiple cloud services such as APIG, CTS, DIS, SMN and OBS in an event-based triggering mechanism to meet service requirements.

It is interconnected with the Cloud Eye services, allowing you to view function metrics without the need for any configurations.

  • High Availability

If an instance becomes faulty, FunctionGraph starts another instance to process new requests and releases resources from the unhealthy instance.

  • Pay per Use

For the use of functions, you will be billed based on the number of requests, execution duration (rounded up to the nearest 100 ms).

Function Service Process

The process is explained as follows:

  1. Write code in Node.js, Python, Java, Go, C#, or PHP. For detail.
  2. Alternatively, edit code inline, directly upload a ZIP file, or upload a ZIP file from Object Storage Service (OBS). 
  3. Create an API or set a cloud service event source to trigger the function. For details, see FunctionGraph Getting Started.
  4. During function execution, FunctionGraph scales automatically based on the number of requests without the need for configurations. For details about the maximum number of function instances that can be run concurrently, see Function Running Resource Restrictions.
  5. FunctionGraph works with Log Tank Service (LTS), allowing you to query run logs of your function without the need for configurations. For details, see Querying Logs.
  6. FunctionGraph works with Cloud Eye, allowing you to view graphical monitoring information about your function without the need for configurations. For details, see Function Monitoring.
  7. After function execution, FunctionGraph bills based on the compute time you consume. The billing is down to the 100 ms range
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Function Service Process

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