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Host and compute event-driven functions in a serverless environments while ensuring high availability, scalability and zero maintenance

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FunctionGraph is a computing service which hosts functions in a serverless context. It automatically scales to suit fluctuations in resource demands during peaks and spikes while requiring no reservation of dedicated servers or capacities. Flexible Engine users can write their code and set conditions. 

FunctionGraph is compatible with Log Tank Service (LTS), allowing users to query run logs of functions without the need for configurations, as well as Cloud Eye, to view graphical monitoring information about functions without the need for configurations.

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Application Scenarios

FunctionGraph is suitable for various scenarios, such as real-time file processing, real-time data stream processing, web & mobile application backends, and artificial intelligence (AI) application.

Real-time File Processing

Uploading files triggers functions that create image thumbnails in real time, convert video formats, aggregate and filter data files, or implement other file operations.

Real-time Stream Processing

FunctionGraph supports application activity tracking, sequential transaction processing, data stream analysis, data sorting, metric generation, log filtering, indexing, social media analysis, and IoT device data telemetry and metering.

Web & Mobile Backends

Interconnect FunctionGraph with other cloud services or your virtual machines to quickly build highly available and scalable web & mobile backends.

Product Advantage

  • No Servers to Manage

FunctionGraph automatically runs your code and frees you from provisioning and managing servers, allowing you to focus on business innovation.

  • Auto-Scaling

FunctionGraph automatically scales to suit fluctuations in resource demands and ensures that the service remains accessible even during peaks and spikes.

It automatically scales in/out resources based on the number of service requests, and distributes requests to function instances through automatic load balancing.

  • Event-based Triggering

FunctionGraph integrates with multiple cloud services such as APIG, CTS, DIS, SMN and OBS in an event-based triggering mechanism to meet service requirements.

It is interconnected with the Cloud Eye services, allowing you to view function metrics without the need for any configurations.

  • High Availability

If an instance becomes faulty, FunctionGraph starts another instance to process new requests and releases resources from the unhealthy instance.