Public Pricelist - Flexible Engine Cloud

Note#1: Minimum commitment of 3 months. Work unit by direct connection port.
Note #2: Setup fees include BGP configuration on the Flexible Engine side. Includes the provision of a 1 GBps or 10 GBps ports. It is the customer’s responsibility to set up this link. A minimum of 2 connections on 2 separate geographical sites is required to obtain the network SLA. With a single link, in the event of a link loss, the customer can implement an automatic traffic switch on internet. Note: setup fees are per link.
Note #3: The Orange Business’ offer – « Private direct Connect to VPN Galerie » – allows the routing from the client’ tenant to its network on VPN Galerie. These prices are for the Flexible Engine part of the VPN Galerie connection. The customer must subscribe to the Orange VPN Galerie service independently, sign 2 separate contracts and receive 2 invoices. The service includes native redundancy. The service is billed based on the provisioned bandwidth between the customer’s tenant and the VPN Galerie network. The price corresponds to a VPN Client. A VPN Client is attached to a single account with no limit on the number of tenants for multi-tenant accounts.
Note #4: The setup fee includes the routing of up to 10 subnets to a VPN Client.
Note #5: Changes after the initial settings are invoiced : MPLS setting of a VPN Client or Routing of subnet to a VPN Client (10 modifications maximum in one shot).
Note #6: For Standard connection, the price is per connection. It is highly recommended to use at least 2 ports.