Public Pricelist - Flexible Engine Cloud

Updated on : 01/10/2022
Label  Unit  price
SDRS – data transfert between FE AZ  GB transfered € 0,085
SDRS – Protected Instances  Protected instances / month € 39,500
EVS – Elastic Volume Service  protection volume in GB  EVS
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Note #1: In self-service, during the protection phase, the folowing services are billable: the protected volume (equal to the production volume), data transfert and protection of Virtual Machine. During the recovery phases all the unit of the recovered infrastructure are billable according to the standard Flexible Engine price list (ie : storage, instances, …). For the launch of the service, the data transfer between AZ will not be invoiced until 30/06.
Note #2: Protected backup is protected on the secondary Datacenter through Elastic Volume Services which is billable at the standard EVS price.
Note #3: Instances protection is billed with a monthly granularity.