Public Pricelist - Flexible Engine Cloud

Updated on : 01/10/2022
Label  Unit  price
d1.xlarge  hour € 1,20
m1.xlarge.ultrahigh  hour € 0,39
m6.4xlarge.8  hour € 1,63
m6.8xlarge.8  hour € 3,26
m6.16xlarge.8  hour € 6,53
DWS – storage GB/Month € 0,20
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The service is billed at the hour granularity.

Note #1: CSS, DIS, DPS, DWS and MLS usage does not generate additional billing on infrastructure (ECS, EVS). The infrastructure cost implied by the use of these services is included into the service cost.
Note #2: Prices of RDS Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise will be at the prices of RDS Microsoft SQL server standard in beta version.