New Feature: Scalable File Service Turbo

Flexible Engine
Release Notes

July 15, 2020

Scalable File Service (SFS) is a network attached storage (NAS) service that provides scalable high-performance file storage.

SFS Turbo is an exclusive cloud file service provided by Flexible Engine. This service type is catered for enterprise NAS service scenarios, providing file services with QoS isolation. It features high availability and durability to support massive small files and applications requiring low latency and high IOPS.

Features :

  • Flexible interconnection: supports interconnection based on ECS and EVS, deploy as requirement.
  • Isolation: Each SFS turbo service is dedicated to it’s tenant and will not share with other ECS or EVSs
  • High performance: supports 1 to 2 ms latency and a maximum IOPS of 20,000.
  • Rich functions: supports the standard NFS protocol, as well as encryption, backup, and restoration for file data.
  • SFS Turbo instance provides high-available inside one AZ

The SFS is accessible through the Flexible Engine technical console.

More information on SFS Turbo is available here.