Cloud Backup and Recovery (CBR) now supports application-consistent backup!

Flexible Engine
Release Notes

November, 2022

In addition to crash-consistent backup Cloud Backup and Recovery (CBR) now supports application-consistent backup. 

Application-consistent backup ensures the consistency of application data by backing contents of the memory and any pending writes that occurred during the backup process. This backup mode is suitable for scenarios such as backing up Elastic Cloud Servers (ECSs) that run MySQL or MS SQL databases. It uses an agent installed on the server to backup.

How to create a an application consistent backup for CBR? 

  1. Log in to the management console. 
  2. Click  in the upper left corner and select your region and project. 
  3. Choose Storage > Cloud Backup and Recovery. Select a backup tab from the left navigation pane. 
  4. Create a vault for application-consistent backups by referring to Creating a Server Backup Vault.
  5. Create a cloud server backup by referring to Creating a Cloud Server Backup. Before creating a cloud server backup, you need to install the Agent. If an application-consistent backup fails to be created, the system automatically creates a server backup and stores the backup in the vault. 
  6. Return to the cloud server backup page as prompted. If the execution fails, rectify the fault based on the failure details on the creation result page. 

Note that Application-consistent backup for clusters, for example, MySQL clusters, is not supported. Application-consistent backup is supported only for standalone databases servers. You are advised to perform application-consistent backup in off-peak hours.

More application can support application-consistent backup Using a Custom Script to Implement Consistent Backup for Other Linux Applications

More technical documentation : Help Center (