VBS and CSBS update: merging into new CBR feature

Flexible Engine
Release Notes

November, 2021

Cloud Backup and Recovery (CBR) is the new all in one backup solution of Flexible Engine.

It will replace VBS (Volume Backup Service) and CSBS (Cloud Server Backup Service).

Therefore, it is highly advised to use CBR from now on to setup your backup policies.

Cloud Backup and Recovery allows users to back up cloud disks, elastic cloud servers (referred to as servers). If there is a virus intrusion, accidental deletion, or software or hardware fault, data can be restored to any point in the past when the data was backed up.

CBR protects your services by ensuring the security and accuracy of your data.

Cloud Disk Backup

  • CBR provides snapshot-based data protection for EVS disks. You can use CBR to back up a single disk on a server to protect data on the disk.
    Backup/Restoration objects: one or more specified disks (system or data disks)
    Recommended scenario: Only data disks need to be backed up, because the system disk does not contain personal data.
    Advantages: Backup cost is reduced without compromising data security.

Cloud Server Backup

  • CBR protects data based on multi-disk consistency snapshot for ECSs and BMSs. You can use CBR to back up an entire server to protect data on the server. You are advised to use cloud server backup in scenarios that require high data consistency, such as RAID clusters.
    Backup/Restoration object: all disks (system and data disks) on a server
    Recommended scenario: An entire cloud server needs to be protected.
    Advantages: All disks on a server are backed up at the same time, ensuring data consistency.

File System Backup

  • You can use CBR to back up SFS Turbo file systems and then use the backups to create new SFS Turbo file systems, preventing the loss of important data.
    Backup/Restoration object: SFS Turbo file systems
    Recommended scenario: Data in the SFS Turbo file systems needs to be protected.
    Advantages: Backups and original file systems are stored separately. You can use a backup to create a new file system.

Policy-driven Data Backup

  • CBR supports one-off backup and periodic backup. A one-off backup task is manually created by users and takes effect only once. Periodic backup tasks are automatically executed based on a user-defined backup policy.
    A backup policy allows a vault to automatically execute backup tasks at a specified interval. Periodic backups can be used to restore data quickly against data corruption or loss.

More information available on CBR here .