Migration tool from CSBS/VBS to CBR

Flexible Engine
Release Notes

September, 2022

Easy migration from CSBS/VBS to CBR (Cloud Backup and Recovery) is now available!   

Cloud Backup and Recovery (CBR) is the most comprehensive and long-term scalable backup tool on Flexible Engine.  CBR now includes Cloud Server Backup Service (CSBS) and Volume Backup Service (VBS). 

You can now easily complete your CSBS/VBS service migration to CBR from the console. After the migration, CSBS and VBS will no longer be accessible. 

Migration to CBR will provide you with: 

1. Extended functionality: CBR offers a wider range of services than CSBS. In addition to cloud server backup, CBR also offers cloud disk backup, application backup, storage backup and VMware backup. 

2. Usage: To use CBR, you must first create vaults. The backup capacity cannot exceed the capacity of the storage space. If you need to increase the backup capacity, increase the vault capacity first. Backup policies are linked to vaults. 

This migration is recommended because CSBS and VBS will be replaced in the future by CBR.