Cloud Backup & Recovery (CBR) supports now Scalable File Service (SFS) turbo files in Amsterdam!

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Release Notes

September, 2022

What is CBR?

Cloud Backup and Recovery (CBR) enables you to back up Elastic Cloud Servers (ECSs), Elastic Volume Service (EVS) disks, and SFS Turbo file systems with ease. In case of a virus attack, accidental deletion, or software or hardware fault, you can restore data to any point in the past when the data was backed up. CBR protects your services by ensuring the security and consistency of your data. 


CBR consists of backups, vaults, and policies. 


A backup is a copy of a particular chunk of data and is usually stored elsewhere so that it may be used to restore the original data in the event of data loss. The following are the types of CBR backups: 
● Cloud disk backup. This type of backup provides snapshot-based data protection for EVS disks. 
● Cloud server backup. This type of backup uses the consistency snapshot technology for disks to protect data of ECSs. The backups of servers without deployed databases are common server backups, and those of servers with deployed databases are application-consistent backups.  

● SFS Turbo backup. This type of backup protects data of SFS Turbo file systems.


CBR uses vaults to store backups. Before creating a backup, you need to create at least one vault and associate the resource you want to back up with the vault. Then the generated resource backups are stored in the associated vault. Vaults can be either backup vaults or replication vaults. Backup vaults store resource backups, whereas replication vaults store replicas of backups. The backups of different types of resources must be stored in different types of vaults. 


Policies are divided into backup policies and replication policies. 
● Backup policies: To perform automatic backups,configure a backup policy by setting the execution times of backup tasks, the backup frequency, and retention rules, and then apply the policy to a vault. 
● Replication policies: To automatically replicate backups or vaults, configure a replication policy by setting the execution times of replication tasks, the replication frequency, and retention rules, and then apply the policy to a vault. Backup replicas must be stored in replication vaults 

For more information on CBR : Help Center (