Object Storage APIs (OBS) update : A new operation is now available

Flexible Engine
Release Notes

July, 2022

With this new update, users can improve the list of objects requested in a bucket. 

How to use it 

  • You must have permission to read the bucket. 
  • If the bucket name is specified in a request URI and list-type is explicitly set to 2, i.e. GET /?list-type is set to 2, descriptions of some or all objects in the bucket are returned in the V2 API format.  
  • Information about up to 1000 objects can be returned at a time. If one or more of the prefix, encoding-type, max-keys, delimiter, fetch-owner, start-after, and continuation-token parameters are also specified, objects are returned based on the syntax described in the Query Parameters section below : 
Parameter Description Mandatory
List-type It can be set to 2 only, indicating that the ListObjectV2 API is used. Type: number Yes
Prefix Lists objects that begin with the specified prefix. Type: string No
Start-after Specifies a marker when listing objects in a bucket. With a marker configured, objects after this marker will be returned in alphabetical order. Type: string No
Max-keys Sets the maximum number of objects returned (in alphabetical order) in the response. The value ranges from 1 to 1,000. If there are over 1,000 objects, only 1,000 objects are returned by default. Type: integer No