Cloud Backup and Recovery (CBR) : Cross Region support Paris-Amsterdam

Flexible Engine
Release Notes

March, 2022

Cloud Backup and Recovery is the new generation backup tool of Flexible Engine.

It allows you to easily backup your ECSs, BMSs, EVS disks and SFS Turbo file systems. In case of a virus intrusion, accidental deletion, or software or hardware fault, you can restore data to any backup point.

CBR protects your services by ensuring the security and consistency of your data.

The new feature “cross region replication” will enable you to replicate server backups and SFS Turbo backups from one region to another. Replicas of server backups in the destination region can be used to create images and provision servers. Replicas of SFS Turbo file system backups in the destination region can be used to create file systems. With backup replication, you can quickly deploy services in a different region. The state of the new resource in the destination region is the same as that of the source resource at the backup time point in the source region.

CBR Console provides the following methods for replication:

  • Select a backup from the backup list and perform one-off replication manually.
  • Select a backup vault and manually replicate it. Alternatively, you can configure a replication policy to periodically replicate backups that have not been replicated or failed to be replicated to the destination region.

 For more information on Cloud Backup and recovery : Protects your services by ensuring the security of your data (