CTS Update: Key event notification

Flexible Engine
Release Notes

April 15, 2020

Flexible Engine’s Cloud Trace Service has been updated to support Key Event Notifications through the Simple Message Notification service.

New feature

Cloud Trace Service

Domain administrator scan configure the key event notification function on Cloud Trace Service (CTS). When a specified operation is performed, a notification is sent to specified users through the Simple Message Notification (SMN) service. This function is used in the following scenarios:

  • Real-time perception and confirmation of high-risk operations (such as Elastic Cloud Server restarts and security configuration changes), cost-sensitive operations (such as creating and deleting high-cost resources), and service-sensitive operations (such as network configuration changes).
  • Perception and confirmation of unauthorized operations such as login of a user with high level permissions or operations of a user without required permissions.
  • Interconnecting with your own audit system: All audit logs are synchronized to your audit system in real time to analyse the interface invoking success rate, unauthorised operations, security, and costs.

  • Key event notifications are sent to the Simple Message Notification (SMN) service.
  • The user is then able to customise said service and select which operations to track.
  • The user is able to configure key event notifications for a maximum of 50 users in 10 user groups. For each notification it is possible to select multiple users within a user group.

  • No API changes.
  • No changes to the CTS pricing model. CTS will send the notification through SMN. The pricing of SMN also remains unchanged.