[IEF] Intelligent Edge Fabric launched in Beta Mode

Flexible Engine
Release Notes

February, 2022

Cloud computing capabilities are centralized, which are far from devices such as cameras and sensors. It causes long network latency, network congestion, and service quality deterioration in scenarios where high real-time computing performance is required. Furthermore, the computing capabilities of devices are insufficient and far behind those in the cloud. This is where edge computing comes in. By deploying edge nodes near devices, the computing capabilities in the cloud are extended to the edge nodes.

By managing your edge nodes, Intelligent EdgeFabric (IEF) extends cloud applications to the edge nodes and associates edge and cloud data to meet your requirements for remote control, data processing, analysis, decision-making, and intelligence of edge computing resources. IEF also provides unified on-cloud O&M capabilities, such as device/application monitoring and log collection, to offer a complete edge computing solution that contains integrated services under edge-cloud synergy.

Intelligent Edge Fabric is based on Karmada (Kubernetes Armada), an sandbox project of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) allowing users to rely on an OpenSource solution (Apache 2.0) that expose standard APIs.

All useful materials including User Guide and API Reference can be found on our online HelpCenter: