New feature: Data Admin Service (DAS)

Flexible Engine
Release Notes

September, 2022

Data Admin Service (DAS) manages databases on a web console. It supports database development, O&M, intelligent diagnosis, and enterprise-level DevOps to facilitate your cloud database usage and maintenance. 

Feature description  

DAS supports the management of RDS for MySQL, RDS for Microsoft SQL Server, RDS for PostgreSQL databases, self-built MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and GaussDB databases on Elastic Cloud Servers (ECSs), and DDS databases. It simplifies database management and improves working efficiency with visualized GUI operations. 

For Developers: 

DAS provides a best-in-class experience. Developers no longer need to install clients for a visualized experience. Diverse database development functions are available, including data and table structure synchronization, online editing, and intelligent prompts for SQL input. 

For DBA: 

DAS offers a wide range of functions, covering instance performance data, slow SQL analysis, SQL explorer, real-time performance analysis and diagnosis, as well as analysis of historical operations, so you can quickly locate any issue occurring during database operations and prevent issues from arising in the future. 

Some important features: 

  1. Quick SQL Input: Intelligent prompts when inputting SQL statements. 
  2. Visualized Table Structure Editing: Support for visualized table structure editing 
  3. Online Table Data Editing: Support for adding, editing, or deleting the data in your tables. Complex manual SQL input is no longer needed 
  4. Slow SQL Diagnosis: Real-time sessions and slow SQL statements are displayed in a list. Sessions can be killed in just a few clicks 
  5. Real-Time Performance and Sessions: Real-time sessions and slow SQL statements are displayed in a list. Sessions can be killed in just a few clicks 
  6. Historical Performance: In addition to the historical performance data, you can compare performance data from specific time periods or define custom metrics for multi-dimensional analysis, facilitating quick fault location and recovery 
  7. DevOps platform: It attaches importance to database access and operation security, as well as communication and cooperation among programmers, DBAs and enterprise managers. Through the combination of change risk identification and permission approval process, it can ensure data security and improve development efficiency. It is more suitable for enterprise users. 

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