Flexible Engine Database services updates (RDS, DDS, DRS)

Flexible Engine
Release Notes

May, 2021

RDS Updates

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1 Support the PostgreSQL plug-in pg_repack, powa-archivist, pg_qualstats, pg_stat_kcache, pg_track_settings, pg_wait_sampling, and hypopg
2 Support postgreSQL version 12.6
3 Support French_CI_AS character set for RDS for SQL Server DB
4 Support new APIs for RDS:
DB Instance Management          
  • Changing a DB Instance Name
  • Binding and Unbinding an EIP
  • Changing the Failover Priority
  • Manually Switching Primary/Standby DB Instances

Changing the Data Synchronize Model of Primary/Standby DB Instances

  • Configuring the Maintenance Window
Database Security
  • Configuring SSL
  • Changing a Database Port
  • Changing a Security Group
  • Changing a Private IP Address
Log Information Queries
  • Setting SQL Audit
  • Querying the Policy for SQL Audit Logs
  • Obtaining an Audit Log List
  • Obtaining the Link for Downloading an Audit Log
Database and Account Management (MySQL)
  • Querying Authorized Databases of a Specified User
  • Querying Details About Database Users
  • Configuring a Password for a Database Account
Database and Account Management (PostgreSQL)
  • Resetting a Password for a Database Account
  • Querying Details About Database Users
  • Querying Details About Database Schemas
Database and Account Management (Microsoft SQL Server)
  • Querying the Available SQL Server Character Set
  •  Querying Details About Database Users
Recycling a DB Instance
  • Modify Recycling Policy

DRS new features

  • Supported scenarios
No Description
1 Support backup migration of Microsoft SQL Server databases.
  • Supported DB engines
Data flow Full synchronisation Incremental Full + incremental
Microsoft SQL Server backup migration Supported Supported  
  • Supported database versions
No Description
  • Support Microsoft SQL Server 2012, 2014, and 2016 as the destination database in the backup migration.
  • Support migration of backup files from an earlier version database to a later version database.

DDS New features

No Description

Support New APIs
DB Instance Management

  • Enabling Shard or Config IP Addresses

Connection Management

  • Querying Sessions of an Instance Node
  • Killing Sessions of an Instance Node
  • Querying the Number of Connections to an Instance Node

Backup and Restoration

  • Querying the Restoration Time Ranges
  • Obtaining the List of Databases That Can Be Restored
  • Obtaining the List of Database Collections That Can Be Restored
  • Restoring Data to the Original DB Instance
  • Restoring Databases and Tables to a Point in Time

Log Information Queries

  • Querying Database Slow Logs
  • Obtaining Links for Downloading Slow Query Logs
  • Querying Database Error Logs
  • Obtaining Links for Downloading Error Logs
  • Setting SQL Audit
  • Querying SQL Audit Policy
  • Obtaining the Audit Log List
  • Obtaining Links for Downloading Audit Logs

Managing Databases and Users

  • Deleting a Database User
  • Deleting a Database Role